Monochromatic Baseball

An homage to my roots in photography, monochrome or black and white photography is where it all started for me. Back when I shot film it was the only media I used. I fell in love with monochromatic images because they conveyed emotion that color couldn’t replicate. I’ve always felt that the graininess and imperfections of monochromatic images gave it character.

The following images were shot digitally then converted using 3rd party software that replicates different film emulsions. I then added some touches that I would have done had I printed these on an enlarger.

10u Solano Nationals vs NorCal Devil Dawgs

10u Solano Nationals vs NorCal Devil Dawgs

10u Solano Nationals vs Sonoma Valley Stack

10u Solano Nationals vs Sonoma Valley Stack

10u Solano Nationals vs Sonoma Valley Stack

10u Solano Nationals vs Sonoma Valley Stack

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs

10u Solano Nationals vs Sonoma Valley Stack

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs

10u Championship Game: Solano Nationals vs Vacaville Bulldogs


Playing with a Remote Camera

I’ve been wanting to play with remote cameras for some time now and just never really tried it for one reason or another. The last couple of baseball tournaments I decided to give it a try and here’s a series of my favorite images.

Nationals vs Bret's Muckdogs

Nationals vs Bret's Muckdogs

Nationals vs Bret's Muckdogs

Nationals vs Bret's Muckdogs

The main reason I wanted to use a remote camera was in order to be in more than one place at one time. I could stay behind the plate all game but, that would take me away from all the other action. The last couple tournaments I’ve setup the remote camera behind the plate, on the third base  side, and on the first base side where plenty of the action happens. There are plenty of tutorials online to show anyone interested in setting up a remote camera so I will only go over a few things that I’ve done.

9u Solano Nationals vs Ceres Blaze Red
Here’s where my remote camera was mounted behind home plate to take a similar image as above. As you can imagine, it’s quite possible that a foul tip can fly directly towards the lens damaging it. To minimize this, all my lenses have front filters to protect the lens and the lens hood can also help prevent damage. So what do you need to setup a remote camera yourself?

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 – DSLR Camera that can shoot multiple frames and a lens of your choice (depending on the situation).

2 – Support for the camera: A tripod is a good choice but, I have been using a Manfrotto Magic Arm with a Super Clamp that allows me to virtually place the camera in many positions and in many angles.

3 – Camera Trigger: You’ll need a device that will trigger the camera to shoot. There are many devices that can accomplish this via Infrared Red or Wireless Radio. I use Pocket Wizards to trigger my remote cameras. I can manually trigger the camera with another Pocket Wizard or attach another Pocket Wizard to the hot shoe of another camera to trigger the remote camera. I’ll have an example of that below.

4 – Pre-Release Cable: This device connects between the camera and the Pocket Wizard. It’s main purpose is to keep the camera “awake”.

9u Solano Nationals vs Backyard Baseball

9u Solano Nationals vs Backyard Baseball

The setup above is on the first base side of the field pointed towards first base. I got a couple nice images from this spot since there are many plays at first where a runner will dive back to prevent getting picked off by the pitcher.

9u Solano Nationals vs Ceres Blaze Red

Part of the setup is to pre-focus on your intended subject. I was lucky to have a willing model to help me this time around. It helps to know the game of baseball so you can anticipate where the action will be.

9u Solano Nationals vs Ceres Blaze Red

I usually manually trigger the remote camera and sometimes I’ll get lucky like the shot above where the camera was triggered as the ball hit that bat.

9u Solano Nationals vs East Bay Slammers

9u Solano Nationals vs East Bay Slammers

The above 2 images were taken roughly at the same time. I was on the third base side of the field with a long telephoto lens and the remote camera was on the first base side. Attaching another Pocket Wizard to the camera I was shooting with allows me to trigger the remote camera when I trigger the camera in my hands.

2012 – Year in Pictures



These are 50 of my personal favorite images of 2012. Each image has a meaningful story behind it… maybe it has a meaning for you too. Happy New Year and wish you all a great 2013.









4th Grade Solano Select Basketball Tournament.



It’s like being me and me

I shoot still images, that’s my thing. I’m not much of a video guy but, I wish I had more video of my kids playing their sports as they grow up. So adding video to my workflow has always been a plan. The problem is… I can either shoot stills OR shoot video, I can’t do both. This morning my son’s basketball coach called me and asked if I can shoot some videos of the team during this weekend’s upcoming tournament. Naturally I said Yes. But, I planned on shooting still images… what should I do?

The first thing I did was put my “Google-Fu” to the test and found this POST

So here is my attempt at the technique. I’ve had a CB Junior bracket for several years and thought it would make a good base for what I had in mind. I wanted to be able to shoot 1080p quality video and the only camera I had that is able to do that is my Nikon P500 point and shoot camera. One immediate advantage I found using this camera is the weight, it’s not too heavy. Putting the contraption together was surprisingly simple.

I attached the CB bracket to the D3s then the P500 to the top of the swinging arm of the CB bracket. I then ziptied the arm so that it wouldn’t swing.

There’s enough room where I can still manipulate both cameras without having to squeeze my fingers in to anything. This looks promising.

My plan is to continuously shoot video while shooting stills. At Post Processing, I’ll take the audio out (since all you’ll hear is the clicking of the camera) and will add music instead. OK, wish me luck… Results to follow.

Old School Racer #tbt #throwbackthursday

Wine Country Classic 2008 at Infineon Raceway

Tha Backhand #tbt #throwbackthursday

A photoshoot with Bay Area Rap group Tha Backhand circa March 2009.


A member of The Photo Brigade

The Photo Brigade is a community of freelance photographers to showcase their work to a larger audience of photographers and photo lovers through social media. I am honored to have my photo essay featured this weekend.


Jeff Gordon gets a little airborne #tbt #throwbackthursday

It was June 2004 when I captured this image of Jeff Gordon’s Chevy at Sears Point Raceway back when Turn 2 was just dirt and dried grass. This event was also the last time I took out my Nikon 400mm F2.8 AF-S II lens as it killed me  lugging that beast around.

Kajukenbo Ohana #tbt #throwbackthursday

This image of my Kajukenbo Ohana taken 07.05.08. RIP Kenyon Youngstrom #throwbackthursday #tbt #strobist #kajukenbo


tha backhand

i had the opportunity to shoot an up and coming group called “tha backhand” this morning in san francisco. i’ll admit, it didn’t start off right… today was the same day san francisco was having their st. patrick’s day parade… did i know that?… no, i didn’t. usually exiting off the freeway and onto market street would take 15 minutes tops…. well, it took us almost an hour to get around market street because of all the street closures for the parade.


rymo of tha backhand

my cousin chris arranged the shoot with tha backhand, he’s been friends with rymo (pictured above) since they were young. i enlisted the help of my friend paul,  a fellow photographer. i figured it would be a good opportunity for both of us to work together since we’ve talked about doing that for some time. paul brought some great ideas to the table and it was refreshing to see another photographer’s ideas.

yung clap of tha backhand

after the first location we moved into a house and shot several scenes indoors. this shot was a simple 2 strobe setup. i placed a bare nikon sb800 on a stand at the end of the hallway pointed towards the subject. in front and above was another sb800 with a lumiquest lightbox iii. this was all shot using the nikon cls system, it was post processed in lightroom and photoshop.

we were going for the “death row records” shot here. this is a composite with each image shot separately, i used my fancy black straw grid to get the lighting effect.

tha backhand and me

i had a great time, the members of tha backhand were great guys. i think we may do another shoot in the near future, we were missing one of the members. more info and a sample of tha backhand’s music can be found at: tha backhand myspace page