12.26.14 – Do you even shoot remotely Bro?


I’ve been shooting with remote cameras for awhile now. For outdoor sports, primarily baseball… I invested in a pair of Manfrotto Magic Arms many years ago to attach a remote camera to fences, backstops, etc. I have an earlier post HERE where I outline the equipment needed to set up a remote camera.

Although, I had the equipment for outdoor sports, I didn’t really have any equipment for indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball where I would setup a remote camera on the floor to provide a very low perspective. All I did was place a AA battery on the bottom of the camera with some gaffer tape so that the camera can be slightly angled upwards to capture the action. It gets the job done and it’s cheap.

The main problem with that method is consistency and accuracy. So, I decided to step up my remote camera game and purchased a floor plate from fplate.net. What’s neat about the fplate is the ability to mount a Pocketwizard directly to the fplate for an overall clean setup. I also installed an Induro ballhead so that I can precisely compose the remote camera to whatever angle I need. I don’t have to move a AA battery around to try and get just the right angle. The Induro ballhead is equipped with a QR plate so I also purchased a universal L-Bracket so that I can quickly change from a horizontal to a vertical orientation on any of my cameras.

Can’t wait to give my new remote setup a try.


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