08.09.14 – Knockouts Figure and Bikini Team



A few days ago, I had the opportunity to go back to my roots and shoot portraits. My passion for photography started in portraiture work many years ago… in fact, my very first real job was as a photographer at a portrait studio. So, when a good friend from High School asked me to shoot her and her Knockouts Figure and Bikini teammates, I didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

I had some time to think of ideas and worked closely with the clients leading up to the shoot. They gave me some examples of images they were interested in and I also put together some ideas that I had in mind. I was prepared and confident… well… I thought “I” was prepared and confident.

I meet 4 of the 5 ladies for the first time on the day of the shoot. In the 2 hours working with them, I realized that the preparedness and confidence that I felt in myself to deliver the images the clients wanted were no where near the level of preparation and confidence these ladies had in themselves and in each other as they prepared to compete in a natural bodybuilding and fitness competition to be held today.

I’ve always felt that “knowing” your subject is a key element to a good portrait… I’ve learned something in these last few days after the shoot… The subject “knowing” themselves can also create some great images.

Congratulations ladies, be proud of your accomplishments and know that when you step on that stage this evening, that you all have and will continue to inspire others.




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