tha backhand

i had the opportunity to shoot an up and coming group called “tha backhand” this morning in san francisco. i’ll admit, it didn’t start off right… today was the same day san francisco was having their st. patrick’s day parade… did i know that?… no, i didn’t. usually exiting off the freeway and onto market street would take 15 minutes tops…. well, it took us almost an hour to get around market street because of all the street closures for the parade.


rymo of tha backhand

my cousin chris arranged the shoot with tha backhand, he’s been friends with rymo (pictured above) since they were young. i enlisted the help of my friend paul,  a fellow photographer. i figured it would be a good opportunity for both of us to work together since we’ve talked about doing that for some time. paul brought some great ideas to the table and it was refreshing to see another photographer’s ideas.

yung clap of tha backhand

after the first location we moved into a house and shot several scenes indoors. this shot was a simple 2 strobe setup. i placed a bare nikon sb800 on a stand at the end of the hallway pointed towards the subject. in front and above was another sb800 with a lumiquest lightbox iii. this was all shot using the nikon cls system, it was post processed in lightroom and photoshop.

we were going for the “death row records” shot here. this is a composite with each image shot separately, i used my fancy black straw grid to get the lighting effect.

tha backhand and me

i had a great time, the members of tha backhand were great guys. i think we may do another shoot in the near future, we were missing one of the members. more info and a sample of tha backhand’s music can be found at: tha backhand myspace page


2 responses

  1. iheartfilm

    A diverse group. Nice.


    03/14/09 at 10:00 pm

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